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37signals products. Who is 37signals? We’re a small software company based We Work Remotely Find a job where you can work remotely. 37signals Speaks. I’ve just finished Remote – Office Not Required, a book by 37Signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (also creator of the web framework, . Find the most qualified people in the most unexpected places: Hire remote! We Work Remotely is the best place to find and list remote jobs that aren’t restricted.

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Jason on 22 Oct Working with colleagues in the same office or building fosters creativity for me. Thanks for the great discussion. I love the cultural anti-pattern you guys are advocating.

Americo on 22 Oct Sam on 22 Oct I would love to chat with you guys and learn more — Would it be possible for a connect with Jason? As a programmer my work is often quite abstract and human interactions helps me recharge the abstract-thinking-areas of my brain. They play music, garden, and spend time with their families. Skip to content I just finished reading Remote: More time for family, not spend my time in traffic.

About half of our staff work remotely, and in fact we usually have only one of our developers in office. Follow him on Twitter at jasonshen and subscribe to his private newsletter. Tim on 22 Oct Fred S on 22 Oct The logistical part, research, updating records, and placing transactions, etc. The majority of the company and the entire engineering team is spread across to globe.

It needs to be applied more. Bryan Sebastian on 22 Oct I like the message, I still dream for a remote job that leaves me able to work while traveling.

37signals: What’s the charge for?

Kevin on 28 Oct People putting in amazing work. Actively considering starting a new company in that space.

David S on 25 Oct First off working remotely I think has lots of advantages and also disadvantages. I miss you all! Shaun wrote this on Oct 22 There are 32 comments. Do you do anything with your new?

Glad you’re posting a job!

Bryan Nichols on 22 Oct About Shaun Video producer and novice banjo player. Jerad on 22 Oct I love that coffee seems to be the common component for all the employees. I also think other commenters raise some good points about the need for in-person interaction as well. I think it has worked out great for us.

Great book, Great Review… Thank you. Emil on 22 Oct If you watch this without the 37signsls on, this video looks like the new Apple commercial, hehe. Will on 22 Oct We all trusted each other to get the work done, communicated with Google Docs and email lists.