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DATE AND TIME THAT YOU EXPERIENCED BUTTHURT: Someone wrote a field report, story or anecdote that brought up Bad Memories and made me cry. URL Where you experienced the butthurt *. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THE INCIDENT PART I. Someone made a blog/post I didn’t agree with. Someone . Butt hurt report form Work Funnies, Work Humor, Funny Rude Quotes, It’s Funny. Visit . Pintrist butt hurt report: To be used before you file a Pintrist complaint.

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I don’t btuthurt what this person looks like, or even what their gender is. All of the above. This form’s been around since the first troll discovered delicious tears and decided to harvest them. No mentions of trading badges or gear. Third day I was told main street was untakable, challenge accepted. Its Just A Fucking Game. Reprt this form multiple times as necessary. I’ve been playing this for 6 days now in my parent’s town.

Butthurt report form – Off-Topic – World of Tanks official forum

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Was there lost sleep from the butthurt? Posts about the following topics may be removed depending on mods’ and bots’ current state of mind: Have YOU reached said age?

I lost flrm argument in open COMM and felt dumb. It’s pretty light-hearted though and we’ve started trading messages.

BUTTHURT Report Form

He was probably just adding some humor to the event, but at the time I decided not find out. This online form was inspired by the original Ingress Butthurt Report Form found at http: Information boardCommunity directory and Intel Map. Log in or sign up in seconds. On day 5 I got a friendly taunt for cracking the armor.

Second Day I finally figured out wtf I was doing.

I whined and complained in open COMM and in all of my hangouts. It also has taken on a form in the English language to indicate someone that just feels as though something “unfair” has happened – usually specifically to them. This is so completely relevant to the drama in my area in the last day or two.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Were the police involved?

Today I smashed a level 7 portal that linked with just about everything and someone near me was trying to defend it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you got a video of that person screaming, you probably would have been showered in reddit gold. They should be just as accountable repor their actions online as they are in the real world so I can have repory to all their personal information so I can stalk them.

Submit a new link. It’s amazing how childish adults reoprt act. I’ve had nothing but friendly conversations with all 3 local ENL agents I’ve run into. Was there permanent mental scarring from the butthurt?

Apparently you have not reached an age where your routine physical will make you understand that it is NOT just reort If you feel your safety is threatened you call the police. There’s so many people walking by it could be anyone. Felt Like A Complete Noob. It just gets edited to suit the platform de jour. Report inappropriate game play to Niantic.

Of course, they never felt threatened by a lowly L6 player. Did you miss work or arrive late to work because of the butthurt? As I was leaving some guy on a phone across the street screamed at me.

I realized that arguing on Ingress or the internet is usually pointless and found something else to do with my time. Someone wrote a field report, story or anecdote that brought up Bad Memories and butthhrt me cry.

Can we stop saying “butthurt? A selection of butthutt who are likely to pick up a real life virtual reality game. Guess i will have to use “other” for that time the cowardly agent lifted up his dog and had it pee on my car’s windshield, while i was at the other end of the park.

Private Enlightened and Resistance subreddits. There should be laws to punish people like that. My Portals Keep Getting Neutralized.

They deserve to be hunted down like a dog and shot dead on their own front porch. There’s one specific portal near where I work where an Enlightened agent and I have been trading ownership for weeks.