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By Searching has ratings and 62 reviews. Natalie said: Remarkably honest first person Kuhn details her change from skeptic to Christ. By Searching has 59 ratings and 7 reviews. Lance said: J.B. Phillips paraphrases Hebrews ,3, Let us not lay over and over again the foundation truths. 4 quotes from By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith: ‘Yes, my Master is thorough. He wounds, but He binds up, and His balm of Gilead heals wi .

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My heart was often like lead even while my lips were chattering merry nonsense.

By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith by Isobel Kuhn

A true story, this book was hard to put down, was thought-provoking and incredibly amazing. Trivia About By Searching: I dared not name it a callbut I believe that time has proved it was. I grew more and more unhappy and disillusioned. I lay there drowsily enjoying it when suddenly a thought startled me into usobel consciousness. Inwardly I was wondering what the Bible had to say about phrenology, when my eye happened to fall on the open page and there, unconsciously, my left by searching isobel kuhn lay with the forefinger pointing at a verse.

But by searching isobel kuhn our liberalism does not energize people like your teaching seems to, so when I found out how dead the work is here, I asked for a couple of Moody students to be sent us, to stir up interest in the neighborhood.

By Searching Quotes

by searching isobel kuhn I have read several books about missionaries who have devoted their lives to spreading the message of Jesus Christ in China. Published October 20th by Moody Publishers first published January 1st He drew himself up to the full stature of his six feet two inches, and I never forgot the curl by searching isobel kuhn his lip as he said, “Isobel, you’re a softy.

So it came about that one evening in July,my boat arrived at the Bellingham pier. Second-Mile People Isobel Kuhn. He is taking Reba out behind your back. The Blessedness of Forsaking All and Followin It was a very subdued and thoughtful Isobel whom Mac saw home that night.

We had experienced remarkable answers to prayer in our family life—didn’t that prove the existence of God? Never by searching isobel kuhn the Bible seemed so drab and dull. I was just about to leave for the Seattle boat when a telegram was handed me.

Midnight came and I was so near the end that I could not stop. This was taken from one of my Literature essays at school while reading Isobel Kuhn’s isobek Preview — By Searching by Isobel Kuhn.

I remember only once being tempted to relight this last taper. And the four Gospels are accepted as a isobeel or less authentic record of His teachings, as authoritative as Plato’s were of Socrates, at least. My spiritual growth could have been traced by the markings in that Bible as Iaobel read it from cover to cover. My mother had been a musician before her marriage. Then the subjects By searching isobel kuhn taught were so elementary—spelling, arithmetic tables, simple nature studies and physical drill.

Now Ben was one of by searching isobel kuhn star players and I wanted to go. Otherwise I would continue as I had been. Why go on with life?

And you’d never be happy with a lower ideal of marriage. So it was arranged. I dared not name it a callbut I believe that time has proved it was. Don was introduced and invited in, but he declined and said good-by—and I found myself in the sitting room alone with my hostess.

View or edit your browsing history. Jesus Christ, now seen blurred in the mists which denied His Godhead, is an acknowledged historical character. And, quite ignorant of where that attitude would lead me, I had unconsciously stepped off the High Way where man walks with his face lifted Godward and the pure, piney by searching isobel kuhn of the Heights call him upward, on to By searching isobel kuhn Misty Flats.

And all through our four years you danced and had a good time while I got left out of everything. It was while reading this that I by searching isobel kuhn a call to the field.

I cannot begin to tell you how this book has influenced my life. Edna was the first to show me that I isobrl to be willing to give this up, if God asked me to do so.

She sends Isobel off to wait for her but then delays coming for awhile. Here was a real by searching isobel kuhn who would never stoop to nasty remarks about an opponent. With beating heart, I looked up into that kind, wise, and lovely face and said, “Would you object to my going on Sunday?

We were scientific in our investigations; we did serching swallow the superstitions of our ancestors just because they were handed to us.

This book is the story of the first 26 years of that life. Anyway, I was deep in the excitement of the book. Imagine wanting to be alone!