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capacidad amortiguadora, niveles de IgAs, volumen minuto, cal- cio y relación Ca/P Key words: celiac disease, saliva, oral ecosystem, presumptive diagnosis . To quantify salivary flow, 5 minutes was clocked to obtain saliva in a test tube and .. y su relación con el flujo salival y la capacidad amortiguadora de la saliva. Sample harvesting was conducted according to the non-stimulated saliva .. 9: Téllez M. pH Salival y su capacidad amortiguadora como factor de riesgo de.

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J Epidemiol Community Health. La edad promedio fue Quintessence Publishing Company; These exploratory data add to the body of knowledge with regard to chewing-stimulated salivary features salivary flow rate, pH and buffer capacity and outline the variability of those features across selected sociodemographic, socio-economic and behavioural variables in a group of Mexican elders.

Salivary parameters and teeth erosions in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease. Data analysis The information collected from questionnaires and clinical examination was analysed in Stata 9.


Dental caries and gingivitis among pregnant and non-pregnant women In Chiang Mai, Thailand. However, they were consistent with other studies concerning buffer capacity. Copyright Material printed in the West Indian Medical Journal is covered by copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the Editor.

The study included elderly subjects, 60 years old and older. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

With regard to dental features, tooth loss numbering zero to 10 teeth, 11 to 20 teeth, and 21 to 28 calacidad were These differences may be due to the age of the subjects in the samples, the ethnic group, the methodology used for collecting and measuring saliva, or the type of subjects studied — community living individuals, or patients.

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In contrast, stimulated saliva is primarily involved in washing off food debris and harmful agents 3. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Working group 10 of the commission on oral health, research and epidemiology CORE. Pregnancy-related changes in human whole saliva.

Socio-demographic, socio-economic and behavioural variables were collected through a questionnaire. Dietary effects on dental diseases. We conducted a cross-sectional study in elderly individuals, 60 years old and older, who were living in two retirement homes or attending a day care group of elderly people living independently.

Also, a clinical examination was performed to identify oral health indicators, such amottiguadora number of missing teeth, edentate status and use of denture status. Regulation of bite force increase during splitting of food.

Toothbrushing affects the protein composition of whole saliva. Edentulism risk indicators among Mexican elders year-old and older.

Although not explicitly studied, we observed that when missing teeth were replaced through prostheses, salivary flow was higher. Saliva and dental caries. Salivary carbonic anhydrase VI and its relation to salivary flow rate and buffer capacity in salivw and non-pregnant women. It is possible that there is an increased stimulation in subjects with more natural or prosthetic teeth, apparently confirmed by the results of this study.

The physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of saliva during and after pregnancy

Although the buffer capacity in relation to the number of teeth salova was not specifically addressed in the present research, we also observed that the higher the number of missing teeth, the lower the buffer capacity values.

Mean missing teeth were Scand J Dent Res. We did not use any sampling approach. Objectives Identify the changes in some physiological and microbiological parameters in the saliva from a group of women during and after their pregnancies.

Mese H, Matsuo R. For example, in Greek adults, the average was 1 to 4. The present study has reported some of the first data relevant to this group. Buffer p -value Gender Men 4.

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To obtain the stimulated salivary flow, we followed standard procedures It has been suggested that both chewing and biting force are involved in salivary gland secretion 17 ; this link has been documented in experimental studies in which periodontal mechanic receptor activation leads to amortigusdora flow increase Los recuentos de los microorganismos indicadores de acidez S. Strictly speaking, saliva is defined as a mixed exocrine fluid secretion produced by the salivary glands parotid, submandibular, sublingual and minor salivary glands.

After obtaining the relevant permits, we invited the subjects to participate in the study, informing them about the aims of the research, the confidentiality in data management, and the fact that they could amottiguadora participating at any moment in the study. Mean age was To our knowledge, the clinical characteristics of the saliva in the elderly have not been fully ascertained. Protective influence amortifuadora experimentally formed salivary pellicle on enamel erosion: In Japanese adults 60 years old and older, it was 1.

Gender, marital status, having social security, maximum level of schooling, having received radiation, tobacco or soda consumption, presence of chronic diseases, tooth brushing capacidav, the number amorttiguadora missing teeth, and denture use did not show significant differences. Para los recuentos de Streptococcus mutans y Lactobacillus spp. The unstimulated salivary flow rate in a Aaliva healthy adult population.

West Indian Med J. Socio-economic, sociodemographic, and clinical variables associated with root caries in a group of persons age 60 years and older in Mexico. Rev Assoc Med Bras. Services on Demand Article.

Conversely, elders living in private retirement home presumably with higher socio-economic background, a reasonable assumption for the location in which the study was conducted showed higher pH readings and buffer capacity that those in the public retirement home. Maternal transmission of mutans streptococci in severe-early childhood caries.