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CatEye Mity 3 Computer user reviews: 4 out of 5 – 88 reviews. Read it’s strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing – CatEye CC-MT [Mity 3] User Manual • Cat eye mity3 • CatEye For bicycles. Find great deals for Cat Eye Mity 3 Cc-mt Cycle Computer Bike Biking CatEye A Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Calibration number will appear. Our Cyclecomputer database is your starting point when looking for information on cyclecomputers.

Press S or SET button to fix it.

In this case, Spd data is shifted to the lower display. Hold down 2 sec.

The hour display will flash and can be changed using the “MODE” button, more quickly if cateye mity 3 hold the button down. The average speed from start to current point is displayed. Increases the figure by catete. Small cateye mity 3 of a bicycle in upper right indicates that unit is running.

CatEye CC-MT [Mity 3] User Manual | 4 pages | Original mode | Also for: CC-ED, CC-VL

Do not place it within children’s reach. The calibration number will flicker. If you want to input the most accu- rate number you will need to do a wheel roll out.

Press the “SET” button with a ballpont pen or similar tool. Trouble Cateeye No display. Maximum speed function is cancelled by use of cadence function.

cateye mity 3

Wheel calibration number will appear Nity setting: Use a ballpoint pen or other pointed object to press the “SET” button underneath unit. The cateye mity 3 screen will light up for a mo- ment and then all fade away.

Manual for Cateye Mity 3?

With the press of S button, Mx data shifts to the upper display. The hours will start flashing.

Mx Maximum Speed 0. Current speed does not appear. Refer cateye mity 3 the “Installation Manual”. This is only a label, the reading is unaffected. Spin the front wheel and check if the speed display appears.

CatEye Mity 3 Cc-mt Cycling Computer Only Cat Eye | eBay

How the display changes. Replace batteries when depleted whether or not the computer has been used, to avoid corrosion. If SET button is pressed in Odo display stop statecateye mity 3 circumference setting display appears. Astrale owner’s manual Not for Astrale 8!

F ATC owner’s manual Battery: With the press of S button, Av data shifts to the upper display. With the press of S button, Tm data shifts to the upper display.

Accessories Bicycles Cateye mity 3 Specials Tools.

Dst 1, 2 Trip Distance 1, 2 0. Push the “SET” button. In Wheel Circumference Setting Display: