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This page contains information about the CSUN M (W) solar panel. To compare this to other PV modules, click here. CA Solar LLC offers a broad range of solar PV modules from Suntech, Yingli Solar, CEEG (China Sunergy) and CA Solar: W, W, W, W, W . offers 3 ceeg solar panels products. About 66% of these are solar cells, solar panel, 33% are solar energy systems. A wide variety of ceeg solar.

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May 2, at 1: The sort of warranty you OUGHT to get from a company that has confidence in the quality of its paneks. Hello Finn, Regarding your interesting read on solar panels particularly the Chinese variety. They use a Chiko Solar mounting system. February 28, at 6: August 21, at October 27, at Suppliers are more innocent than the retailer. Expected life on electronic equipment is usually ten years.

Ive done some research, some positive and some negative stuff. Would appreciate any advice. March 3, at 9: Thanks and regards, Dave Loading All panels are made in China since Bosch ceased production in September And there are plenty of other examples.

January 27, at 4: June 10, at 4: Hi Finn, Firstly, very informative blog and potentially saved me heartache with some dubious panels.

I checked and came up with all positives. June 10, at If it was me, there is no way I would deal with a Chinese company to install solar panels on my home, specially this company TDG Solar.

Complete Solar Kits Powered by CEEG Solar Panels

Hi I brought my solar pannels in november from Modern Solar and the pannels were made by a Chinese company call Ningo Maxsolar. Will work on it though. Looked like now Suntellite has establised its own division both in Australia and Europe. I have seen them but I am still to be convinced in costing and manufacturing, the pros and cons are few and the inventor has covered areas where if a tile fails how you can tell to replace which one.

December 14, at 7: Perlight hereby solemnly declare that from 1st Sept,all business activities conducted by the above mentioned companies and persons are not relevant to Ceef, and Perlight shall not be liable for solad consequences caused by such business activities. December 28, at 7: My understanding is they are pretty much the same quality and performance and both have a presence in australia.

June 23, at 3: CA Solar Product Advantages: Some Chinese panels are top quality. For panrls Sharp solar panels are still going, in lanels USA http: A lot of people are wary of Chinese solar panels.

However, my final word is the comment posted by Phil Martin, below: Also ask for the name of the Tier 1 manufacturer. Where do you think they get the silicon ingots for the solar panels? June 29, at 7: It sounds to me like a move by China to cull the Chinese panel oversupply and stop the relentless downward march of panel prices over the last 5 years.

January 21, at 5: Starting from the tenth year, you will be having issues with your inverter and panels that could be rectified. At the other end of the scale, you have some first class solar panels coming out of gleaming factories in China with world class quality control in operation, and environmental standards as good as any western plant.

Hi Finn Risen are a Tier 1 Bloomberg listed panel.

If your Chinese solar panels are not on one of these lists, be careful!

June 12, at 2: The other funny thing is, these Solar panel suppliers are really rich, but they were not getting rich from Solar panel, Solar Panel is a new business, the above suppliers are good is only because they got funds to make it big, and in Solar business, Big means good. Hi David Our Solar Guide contains an updated graphic displaying solar panels that should be reliable: Hope you all can find the qualified and econimic panels. January 25, at 3: You can check for pamels here: I assume that is the house.

June 4, at 5: