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DOLLAR BAHU: A CRITICAL STUDY. This chapter deals with the critical analysis of Sudha Murty‟s first novel Dollar Bahu that was first published by East West. Sudha Murty’s Dollar Bahu is a rather sweet, if overly moralistic, novella that explores the age-old notion that the grass is not always greener on. My reading of Sudha Murty was intermittent. It all changed when a friend ‘flipkart’ ed a copy of her latest book, ‘The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk’.

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Jamuna lavishes Surabhi with a lot of sarees at the latter’s wedding, which Vinu is unable to. Your email address will not be published.

I enjoyed it personally The author has rightly portrayed the phrase money cannot buy love and respect in a most prolific manner. Sunil Hali himself has been in the USA since and has interacted with the South Asian community at close quarters. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It definitely has a lesson or two for each and every one of us.

This book sheds some real light onto how one is hypnotized seeing the shine of wealth, but in fact, it is not everything required for a family to be satisfied and contended.

Sudha Murthy and her ‘Dollar Bahu’

Gouramma sees Jamuna for what she is, and when she starts to introspect on the kindly help of Vinutha, her regeneration is complete. In the case of Vinuta, she starts off as a strong, independent, confident woman. It is there that she comes to see how Indian values and society are so casually abandoned, and Gouramma truly suvha to realize how caring and respectful her family in India is.

Nothing was done by Gouramma when she was in the family way! Dollar Bahuone among the seventeen other books authored by her, was first written in Kannada as Dollar Sose Sose being the Kannada word for daughter-in-law and later translated into English.

Dollar Bahu by Sudha Murty

This page was last edited on 6 Julyat Gouramma, a person who gives more importance to money rather than value. Dollar Bahu by Sudha Murty. Jul 10, Swagatika Mohapatra rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The simplicity of the language was agreeable but the plot sudna trite. My reading of Sudha Murty was intermittent.

The typical Kannada household and theme helps the reader reminisce about the good old Malgudi Days. Overall, Dollar Bahu is an enthralling read that wonderfully describes a very common situation of the glamour of the dollar in modern-day India. The story is realistic enough. The book could have been a 3 or 3. Her stories inspire the young readers and make them aware about the challenges faced by the common people in their day to day life.

Dollar Bahu is a story of a lady called Gauramma and her two daughters-in-laws. It could be the story of any average Indian middle class family and hence many people can relate to it.

Girish is as laidback and contented as his father. Girish, who has taken on the complexion and attitude of his father read: That is why she holds him and him wife, the ‘Dollar Bahu’ is very high regard; neglecting her poor, hardworking younger daughter-in-law since she works dollsr a teacher at a mere government school. Leave Your Comments Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

This is just a simple plot and a simple story delivered beautifully by the famous Sudha Murty. Email required Address never made public. Aug 08, Shaunak rated it it was amazing.

There isn’t much more to say about this book. Book is also an eye opener especially for me. The message comes across but it would have been more interesting had there been some depth.

Dollar Bahu

After all, different people give different weights to priorities in life Candid and unembellished. Jul 12, Neha Sharma rated it it was ok. Why is the girl brought up against odds Vinuta always the ‘good’ one and the one who is pampered with wealth Jamuna or otherwise Gauramma’s daughter are always ‘spoilt’.

Grown-up Indians would know what I eollar when I say that this slim story book is written in “Chandamama language”. Soon Gauramma gets a chance to visit her son Chandru and Dollar Bahu in the American house and stays with them for a long time.