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+ Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (eigrp) Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Does EIGRP support secondary addresses? Question2 . EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers. Networking Terms, Windows By Waqas Azam On January 7, No Comments. 17 Sep EIGRP Interview Questions. Description. EIGRP To sumarize: ip summary- address eigrp [AS] [IP] Reply – Used to answer a query (unicast).

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However, some say Individual router interfaces should only be included within a single eigrp autonomous system.


The route re-computation only occurs for routes that were affected, which reduces search time in complex data structures. K values are 1 or 0 for each of these five elements. EIGRP does support secondary address. Multiple routes in an active state indicate an unstable eigrp Network.

Explain its differences with Answer vector Protocol? Where do we use K values? What types of authentication is supported by eigrp? Which routing protocol has the fastest convergence or Rapid convergence? What happen when we enable passive interface eigrp interview questions and answers eigrp? Shabeer ibm April 6, at 9: The split horizon rule prohibits a router from advertising a route through an interface that the router itself uses to reach the destination.

Provides support for IPv6. What percent of bandwidth eigrp interview questions and answers processor resources does eigrp use? Yes, eigrp supports aggregation and variable length subnet masks vlsm.

Show ip eigrp interview questions and answers topology P How we can avoid this? Please leave your comments The offset-list can be used to modify the metrics of routes that eigrp learns through a particular interface, or pbr can be used. Reply packets are unicast to the originator of the query and transmission of reply packets are reliable. Eigrp will keep up to six feasible successors in the topology table.

EIGRP Notes with Interview Questions

What does the word serno mean on the end of an eigrp topology entry when you issue eigrp interview questions and answers show ip eigrp topology command? Adjacencies will not form unless the primary IP addresses on connecting interfaces are on the same subnet. Unknown April 24, at 9: There is also a suite of show commands that display neighbor table status, topology table status, and EIGRP traffic statistics.

When EIGRP returns a stuck in active message, this means that it has not received a reply from a query.

This is typically done at a redistribution point where two eigrp autonomous systems are interconnected. The reported route by the SIA has gone away. These tables are used for reliable and sequenced delivery of packets.

One drawback to this method is that eigrp installs a 0. Anonymous January 15, at 7: Eigrp provides a eigrp interview questions and answers to load balance over unequal cost paths through variance command. In addition, the implementation of partial and incremental updates means that eigrp sends routing information only when a topology change occurs.

Questiosn is that it keeps eigrp interview questions and answers successor or Backup route in ready state and installs in routing table when successor fails.

Some important points to remember about eigrp split horizon are:. Interview Tips 5 ways to answwers authentic in an interview Tips to help you face your job interview Top 10 commonly asked BPO Interview eigrp interview questions and answers 5 things you should never talk in any job interview Best job interview tips for job seekers 7 Tips naswers recruit the right candidates in 5 Important interview questions techies fumble most What are avoidable questions in an Interview?

A stable eigrp network will have all routes in a passive state.

In short, CEF does the load-balancing once the routing protocol table is calculated. EIGRP also mutes sending multicast packets on that interface.

With EIGRP running on a eigrp interview questions and answers, the passive-interface command stops sending outgoing hello packets, hence the router cannot form any neighbor relationship via the passive interface.

In the case of the 0. What debugging capabilities does eigrp have? Are you interested in the field of Internet surfing?

EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers CCNP | Networker Interview

This allows properly designed eigrp networks to scale exceptionally well intervirw the use of areas. The goodbye message is broadcast when an eigrp routing process is shut down to inform adjacent peers about the impending topology change.

What are the different tables in eigrp?