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Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela Mexico, Spain’s Romulo Gallegos Prize for best Spanish-language novel, and France’s Priz de Meilleur. James Polk reviews book Palinuro of Mexico by Fernando del Paso; drawing (M). A Case of Literary Infection: Palinuro de Mexico and Ulysses. ROBIN FIDDIAN. Palinuro de Mexico is Fernando del Paso’s second novel. Born in. Mexico City in .

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I have not the patience to continue. There were a few occasions when I felt like I was dragging my feet through sand, when a chapter began to look longer than eternity.

Five stars for mxeico mirror who died. About Fernando del Paso. This essay like collage of structural perambulations does approximate the Human Centipede. Nobody, therefore, is entitled to feel included in this book. We have not read the original Spanish, but we also praise Elisabeth Plaister for a translation that reads extremely well.

Let it into your bloodstream and when it hits your head, you will know. It has the enchantment of dreams, but is much beyond a dream. Heck, the Australians are pretty darn good when it comes to it, case in point: I ought to read me some Rabelais soon.

A black hole of a book: In writing a novel about the education–medical, literary and experiential–of the eponymous Mexico City wag he dubs Palinuro, Del Paso has deployed vast amounts of often-fascinating material about disease and health, literature, Mexican history and contemporary Western culture in the Americas and abroad.

Don’t look for big questions or answers. Fernando del Paso es un cuentista y novelista mexicano. Lacking any sort of coherent structure and plot, the novel is largely a series of infinitely interesting sexual episodes between the narrator and his cousin in their infinitely interesting apartment interspersed with some lively pranking done by the narrator and his medical school buddies e.

It’s an eloquent tribute to ageless mythologies and to unforgettable works of art and literature. I find this a hard book to recommend to anyone. Mexicp lives with his extended family– wacky, of course– in a house in Mexico City.

But I can tell you this much, give it a few chapters, if it doesn’t seduce you within those, mexioc can comfortably put it aside without having to wonder if you’ll like it better on reading further.

There’s incest and pathology and more stabs at advertising than an Ides of March on Cielo Drive. Charles’s mother, Mariana of Austria, herself a Habsburg, was a niece of his father, Philip. dw

Surrealista pero muy cuerdo. For Mexican novelist Fernando del Paso, there has been a lag of almost pwlinuro years since the first Spanish-language edition of this huge and mystifying novel.

Palinuro de México

Keith Mano and Felipe Alfau fans – where are you? I stole the above from Nathan’s review who pinched it from Cervantes who purloined such from Pierre Menard, that sneaky bastard.

The inbreeding was so widespread in his case that all of his eight great-grandparents were descendants of Joanna and Philip I of Castile.

Lists with This Book. Five stars for the General’s one hundred eyes. One of its kind.

The book was first published in Spain in and in Mexico inpalinufo first appeared in English under the English Quartet imprint. With the uncountable allusions to art, literature, science, history, philosophy and what not, it was all I could do to not lose myself in a Wikipedian labyrinth. O con el cuerpo limpio y la conciencia sucia.

Palinuro of Mexico | Dalkey Archive Press

Ostensibly, it is all these things, and a million more you can think up if you do the decent thing and read this exasperating Mexican supernova tomorrow.

There’s my disclaimer as faux review. Unfortunately for the helmsman, the gods demand a sacrifice if the ship is to safely reach the farther shore; the god of sleep overwhelms Palinurus, and he slips from the deck into the sea. Think of any deformity or condition you can: We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

Del Paso favours the maximal form— Palinuro of Mexico and News From the Empire are sprawling imaginative palinuor, concerned with the seemingly limitless possibilities of the human mind to transcend anything with everything.

Otro libro que me deja abrumado, sin palabras, completamente enamorado y feliz. It’s a solid testament to the richness and power of imagination and the ability of fiction to stretch the reality to that which lies beyond the physical world and the conscious mind. Random paragraph chosen by opening the book at paliunro as it is exceptional from cover to cover: Most women who read the romantic paean to Estefania that makes up all of Chapter 4 will probably yearn for such treatment for pailnuro.

This book is dee a house of mirrors.