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Ugg, Seriously thinking of selling the behemoth to partially fund an inverter. Don’t really see any for sale, so tough to get a feel for what it’s worth. Howdy All, Restructuring the shop a bit, and I have for sale a beautiful TIG package for sale. Heliarc AC/DC Squarewave. Really nice. Description. General Info: Stock #: YT Location: Stone Mountain, GA. Brand: ESAB. Model: Heliarc AC/DC. Serial #: TA (Welder).

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I just spoke to the guy. Will ship at buyers expense.

Esab Tig heoiarc, It sold for top dollar too, when I bought a Thermal arc Prowave Everyone wants the latest and greatest with all the gimmicks and idiot lights. Thanks to all who expressed interest Only heoiarc problem I have ran is they tended to eat their polarity switches.

Bargain priced for quick sale: Login to Your Account. Buy American and Buy local. I also had a tan face one that I bought new.

Heliarc AC/DC TIG Welding Power Source //V 60HZ

My nights are now mostly free so I want to get back to learning tig. As for the TIG situation I would not like to have this enormous unit in my shop periodbut it seemed heliagc a cost hepiarc way to get a eeab quality TIG at a reasonable price. Digital Meter, Pulse, slope kit? It was added later. This really is a nice machine Thanks for the feedback. I agree with Billet Benny on this one.

If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. That is a Italian Esab that was never made for a foot control. I just got a dx to go along with the dx in my shop and the is so small it’s like it don’t exist compared to the old syncrowave or even the dx.

In the future you can upgrade to a comparable inverter like the 2252 or and you’ve already got the accessories you need so then you sell the ESAB, buy the Dynasty power source and you’ve got that inverter adjustability.

I am currently fabricating a trailer. Did you get any of the add-ons? Wife picked it up, and was a sweet deal for all.

To me is the magic number that makes a machine cover all the bases. I also think the ESAB machine is pretty small in its heluarc right. The unit appears to be in reasonable shape.

I found it is in a business that fabricates race car frames and has allegedly only been used for aluminum work. If you’re strictly hobby and just wanna say you have a tig machine for fun go for something like the TA.

We have a Heliarc vintage which we got from a customer in a trade for work. Nick, Why don’t you give Scott a PM he might know something about one of those. And let me tell you, those are a pain to change.

My wife asked me why I would want something so large in my shop, but I thought if it were cheap enough I might give it a shot.

IMO amp breaker is really needed, like the sycrowave Might be small but it’s there.

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