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of Gaidi Mtaani, we celebrate the victory of the Mujahideen of East Africa by presenting the reader with some of the awe- inspiring pictures of the great battle. View the profiles of people named Gaidi Mtaani. Join Facebook to connect with Gaidi Mtaani and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. See people named Gaidi Mtaani from Lahore, Pakistan. Join Facebook to connect with Gaidi Mtaani and others you may know. Facebook gives people the .

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New issue of the magazine: “Gaidi Mtaani Issue 8″

Outside, there appeared to be no clear command structure and uncertainty about procedures. We are trying to make the reader to understand how the Islamic religion was joked about. When, in MayMadobe declared himself head of a new Jubaland state, claiming to have local support, Mogadishu refused to recognize his claim — seeing these events as nothing more than clan factionalism.

Al-Shabaab attacks in southern Somalia increased over the six months following the capture of Kismayo. It is easy to see Al-Hijra as the instrumental creation of Al-Shabaab — a means to take the war to Kenya — but yaidi foundations of radicalism were laid many years earlier in the alienation, disaffection, and dissent of Kenya’s Muslim community.

They are gaifi doing it in the belief that they are being harassed, killed, and the only way is to fight back. Traders at Gilgil, adjacent to Kenya’s largest army barracks, were later arrested for gaidk of property taken from the yaidi. This is an enemy that increasingly will use images of Muslim economic deprivation, political marginalization, and social oppression to call its followers to arms.

He will always show trust to you. How long can Kenya sustain this war, and can victory be ensured? The siege, seemingly under control on the evening of the first day, ultimately lasted four days, during which the mall was looted, many premises burned, and part of gxidi structure completely destroyed.

It is clear that the Western media has been successful in shading Muslim believers in a bad light. By Juneit gqidi estimated conservatively that there had been more than 80 such attacks in Kenya since the invasion. More than a year before the Kenyans rolled across the border, the country’s foreign minister tried to gain US support for the invasion plan, but was curtly rebuffed.

This is to make giadi not to be involved in jihad. The first of these took place within days of the KDF’s invasion, with grenade and IED blasts in Garissa, attacks on police posts and checkpoints around Mandera, and explosions in the Dadaab refugee camp.

This is a proof that they can take land that duly belongs to Muslims and give it to their enemies. As events unfolded, the response of the Kenyan security forces appeared muddled and uncoordinated.

On 15 Junethe prosperous rural village of Mpeketoni, in Lamu County, was subjected to gsidi prolonged attack.

But there is little, at present, to suggest that the Kenya government has the capacity or will to achieve this. They can, for example, ask if you would like to participate in a jihad and what kind of weapons you would prefer to use. Matt Bryden, Somalia redux?

Since at least the early s, radicalization has been a particular Kenyan problem — one that the security forces have been slow to take seriously. Evidence of blowback II: Email alerts New issue alert.

Therefore, Muslims are urged not to rely on such news sources until they are validated by true Islamic sources. Islamic Law on war captives. A few elements of lies will start surfacing. The magazine is slick, visually powerful, professionally written and well-argued.

His body was later identified in Kilifi mortuary. The Americans doubted that such a ntaani could be successful, mtaanj anyway preferred other, more indirect approaches to the Al-Shabaab problem. Gaidi Mtaani’s writers use history effectively to build the idea that Kenya’s security policies are merely a continuation of colonial oppression. You have entered an invalid code. Gaidi Mtaani, Issue 1.

New issue of Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn’s magazine: “Gaidi Mtaani Issue 9″

Such an approach suggests that Al-Shabaab’s only purpose is to defend the Ummah. As Paul Williams notes, these offensive actions accurately reflected the reality of what was needed on the ground.

Al-Shabaab intends to take its fight across the region to Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda, so a greater eastern African perspective must be kept in mind. That is the distinguishing factor. The massacre, persecution and other inhumane acts that they did to Muslims are evidence of how they hate humanity. Kenyan elites would be more attracted to an English publication than Swahili given that English is the language of education and the upper class in Kenya.

Political statements condoned the actions of the security forces against all Somalis, while the media carried scathing attacks asking citizens to be vigilant and support the security forces — regardless of their actions. Gaidi Mtaani Issue 3. History is very clear about how the British related with Muslims in the East African coast in the colonial period. Kenya’s invasion went ahead without the support of its most prominent Western allies, and without a common agreement with Ethiopia, which shares a border with Jubaland.

New issue of Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn’s magazine: “Gaidi Mtaani Issue 9″

Key success factors or indicators will be in the form of a highly degraded Al-Shabaab capacity. There have also been several unexplained killings of prominent Muslim activists, and it is widely alleged that the ATPU are behind these actions, perhaps supported by external security agencies. Thus, the violent actions of Al-Shabaab are depicted as a rational reaction to oppression of all Muslims.

It is argued that, far from sweeping Al-Shabaab into the sea, the intervention in southern Somalia has fuelled wider political dissent within Kenya. Anderson, Jacob McKnight; Kenya at war: Evidence assembled by the UN shows that 20 vessels left the port in November loaded withsacks of charcoal, and 22 vessels left in December withsacks.

Additional troops have entered the country since then; by July there were 4, Kenya soldiers in southern Somalia and the Kenya navy was patrolling Jubaland’s coastline.