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Historia om de nordiska folken, Volume 3. Front Cover. Olaus (Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala). Almqvist & Wiksells boktr., i distribution, – Folklore. Historia om de nordiska folken. Front Cover. Olaus (Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala). Gidlund, – Scandinavia – pages. Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken. Bok 4 – Kapitel 5 – Om varubyte utan penningar. – Utgivningsår

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To the left four men armed with crossbows.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken

We can see a crossbow, axe, knife, tongs, scissors and other noddiska, barrels, a metal jug etc. Behind him a heavily armed army. The Russians offer skins, butter?

Next a Lap in fur coat and with bow and arrow. The woodcut shows a merchant who travels with his packhorse over the mountains between Sweden and Norway.

Olaus Magnus – History of the Northern Peoples – Fourth Page

Now Starkater persuades Hather nordisma kill him. On the Difference between Giants and Warriors. You can see a sporting dog in the foreground and fleeing reindeers in the background. On Attention to Old People. Two travellers are seen in this wild country.

In the middle the Danish infantry flees in disorder. A marriage is se in fo,ken of parents and relatives by stroking steel and flint stone together.

All three carry a sword. The symbol in the middle could be an ear grainused as a votive gift to Saint Erik. The man to the left is sewing together two boards on the port side. The woodcut shows four Laps of different ages practising archery.

The baskets probably also contains gifts to the priest. Both the horse and the man wear snow shoes. To the right an official birkarl is riding on a reindeer. To the left a raven nordisoa attacking a pig. The woodcut illustrates the story tale how Starkater helped the Norwegian king Helge to fight against nine unjust fighters. We see barter between Nordic people to the left and Russians to the right. Near the upper left corner the Danish king Harald falls from his cart and drops his crown.

On the Activities of the People at Moonlight. Starkater has once killed Hathers father. On the Death of Stakater.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken | A woodcut depi… | Flickr

At his foot a lion. On their backs they carry baskets with two children each. B ook 5, Ch. In the middle a warrior volken in a suit of armour and with sword and pike.

Three women and three men dance to the music from a bagpipe and a string instrument played with bow. Book 4Ch. On this left picture we see nordisa Danish army. The evil brothers Skat and Hiall, two notorious virgin robbers, want to take her away from her father. Three men are building a boat. To the left of the fplken two travellers which are greeted welcome by the host in the middle.

An old man wants to get down a steep snowy mountain side.