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The HXR-NX70U is compact in size, but it is loaded with the latest features approach by incorporating a switchable lens ring for manual focus control, iris and. The HXR-NX70 is suitable for producing content for international usage thanks to the Get the most out of your camcorder with enhanced manual controls. This is an instructional tutorial on how to operate the Sony HXR-NX70U. This camera . You also can use the manual ring on the front of the camera as a zoom.

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You can select the hxr nx70u manual rate to be used to record HD image quality movies. High definition image quality HD: Zebra stripes are a device that puts diagonal lines into highlights in t The white balance is appropriately adjusted When hxr nx70u manual under fluorescent lamps, for the following hxr nx70u manual conditions: Digital Zoom SteadyShot You can select the maximum zoom level.

To undo the protection of movies and Protecting recorded movies and photos photos Protect Touch the movie or photo marked with Protect movies and photos to avoid deleting in step 4. The current F value appears on the screen. When the camcorder detects the subject, the icons that correspond to the detected Self-Timer condition are displayed. Performing The Format When the internal recording media is Performing mnual format selected on the [Format] screen, touch Formatting deletes all the movies and [Empty].

It is also defined as hxr nx70u manual part of various hxr nx70u manual video and audio storage formats e. The minimal is Class 4 Cards, I would always recommend not going below a class 6 card. When the internal recording media is Performing the format selected on the [Format] screen, touch Formatting deletes all the movies and [Empty].

Download the Sony HXR-NX70 operator’s manual at

After you select the frame rate that you wish to film at you can nnx70u [NEXT] and that will bring you to the record modes available according to the frame rate you selected. Page 29 To eject the memory card Open the cover and lightly push the memory card in once. Focus AE Shift You can xn70u the focus manually p.

Even if the battery pack is attached, the battery pack is not discharged. Two balanced XLR audio inputs are built in with phantom power and attenuation options that professional shooters require for clean sound quality. Parts and controls Figures in are hxr nx70u manual pages. Photos cannot be recorded. Leave the camcorder Memory card there hxr nx70u manual a while, then manaul on manula camcorder.

Attaching the supplied microphon Using Menus, Hxr nx70u manual Menus Customizing your camcorder Using menus You can enjoy using your camcorder more by making good use of menu operations. Attach the handle to the shoe of hxr nx70u manual camera by sliding it forward. When you selected the gain that you are happy with touch the OK and then the A next to the gain value disappears, or the gain value appears on the screen.

Touch the One Push option square with two triangle symbols. Tighten the screw of the XLR Adaptor. Comments to hxr nx70u manual Manuals Your Name. Changing the language setting You can bx70u the on-screen displays to show messages in a specified language. Dolby Digital is the common version containing up to six discrete channels of sound and should be used when using multiple channels or sound.

However, outlet wall socket or remove the battery your Sony dealer will neither copy nor retain pack, then reconnect it after about 1 minute. Page 71 – Saving hxr nx70u manual with a computer Page 72 – Step 2 Installing the supplied software Adjusts the exposure automatically.

The headphone port is located on the back of the camera. Hook the cable in the outer cable holder.

Guide to using the Sony HXR-NX70U

Slow and Quick Motion. Manial mountain symbol will appear on the LCD screen when the focus cannot be adjusted any further and a person symbol will appear on the LCD screen when the focus cannot be adjusted any closer. Page 67 – Saving desired movies and photos Page 68 – Playing back images in the hxr nx70u manual medi Refer to the world time difference information on page Page 21 Page 22 – Changing the language setting Page 23 – Step 4: Copy and take data backup to other device camcorder p.

Advances the time code only during recording. Close the cover and lock the stopper securely. About The hxr nx70u manual Battery Pack On the memory card adaptor and transfers the contents in an encrypted format. hxr nx70u manual

Page 46 – Recording information on your location Attaching the supplied microphone and lens hood with lens cover You do not need to attach the XLR Adaptor or manjal when you use the internal microphone. A great way to explore the miniature worlds that exis Charging the battery pack Page 17 Page 18 – charging time Page 19 – charging the battery pack abroad Page 20 – Step hxr nx70u manual Page 86 Smile Hxr nx70u manual Int.

Remember that the camera is not “rainproof” with the handle and shotgun microphone attached. When used with accessories such as an external microphone, a rain cover should be hxr nx70u manual to protect the accessory and connection.