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PDF | On Jan 1, , Igor Joventino Roberto and others published Ecological aspects of Kentropyx calcarata (Squamata: Teiidae) in a. PDF | There are few descriptions of the reproductive behavior of South American teiid lizards and none for the genus Kentropyx. We describe. Kentropyx calcarata, commonly known as the striped forest whiptail, is a species of lizard endemic to South America. (Source: Wikipedia. Photo: (c) Todd Pierson .

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Anguidae, Scincidae, Teiidae Zootaxa 5: Conservation Biology 21 3: Reptiles of an urban Atlantic Rainforest fragment in the state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil.

Check List 7 3: Lizards of Brazilian Amazonia Reptilia: Check List 7 6: Check List 9 1: Find more photos by Google images search: Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator.

Alex Popovkin, Bahia, Brazil. Striped forest whiptail S: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

File:Kentropyx calcarata (Spix 1825).jpg

Marques de Souza Amphibians and reptiles of Guyana, South America: Unlike other Teiinae, Kentropyx lacks a subocular keel or has a weak keel restricted to the first and second subocular, but not extending calcaraat the long subocular below the eye.

Journal of Threatened Taxa 3 8: Journal of Herpetology 20 2: Contribution to the herpetofauna of the Venezuelan Guayana.

Catalogue of the Neotropical Squamata: Rapid survey of kenttropyx herpetofauna in an area of forest management in eastern Acre, Brazil. Kentropyx is a feminine noun in the nominative singular derived from the Greek words kentron meaning spur and pyxos meaning box.

Zoologische Mededelingen 49 Catalogue of the lizards in the British Museum Natural History. Amr, Nashat Hamidan Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. Catalogue of distribution of lizards Reptilia: Kentropyyx provide a meaningful description of this file. Ecology and life history of the wide-foraging lizard Kentropyx calcarata Teiidae in Amazonian Brazil.

Kentropyx calcarata – Wikipedia

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Kentropyx calcaratus SPIX Retrieved from ” https: Kentroptx Avulsos de Zool. The name is likely an allusion to the preanal spurs in species of this genus.

Werneck, and Jack W Sites