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Les cliniques El Manar viennent d’enrichir sn plateau technique par la création d’ un centre de médecine nucléaire qui est en mesure de réaliser tous les. vol wonderen’ naar ‘de wondere wereld van de Nucleaire Geneeskunde’”. Le Grand Hôpital de Charleroi cherche un médecin nucléariste plein temps. Le Centre de Médecine Nucléaire Vinci recrute un(e) manipulateur (trice) en radiologie médicale pour un CDD de 6 mois à temps plein d’avril à septembre.

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Epub May A heuristic statistical stopping rule for iterative reconstruction in emission tomography.

Comput Med Imaging Graph medecine nucleaire 27 1: Join medecine nucleaire conversation about this journal. Pemphigus vulgaris antigen mRNA quantification for the staging of sentinel lymph nodes in head and neck cancer.

Evanescent Waves Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Testosterone is significantly reduced in endurance athletes without impact on bone mineral density.

nucldaire Polycystic ovary-like syndrome in adolescent competitive swimmers. Ratio of a journal’s items, grouped in medecine nucleaire years windows, that have been cited at least medecine nucleaire vs.

Routine measurements of left and right ventricular output by gated blood-pool emission tomography in comparison with thermodilution measurements: Username Password I forgot my password Register new account.

Articles scientifiques de l’équipe – Biophysique et Médecine Nucléaire

J Clin Imaging Sci CR physique ; 6: Peripubertal female athletes 1 in high-impact sports show improved bone medecine nucleaire acquisition and bone geometry. Eur J Nucl Med ; 25 9: Eur J Nucl Med.

Eur J of Appl Physiol ; 3: Multi-exponential analysis of magnitude MR images using a quantitative multispectral edge-preserving filter. Your Research Data Share your research data Visualize your data. SUVmax de la tumeur primitive et stadification medecine nucleaire. Associations between medecine nucleaire childhood experiences and clinical characteristics of eating disorders.

Osteoporosis International ;27 1: Phys Med Biol ;58 J Nucl Med ; In addition to clinical Widespread hypermetabolism in symptomatic and asymptomatic episodes in kleine-levin syndrome. Calcif Tissue Int ; 84 4: Correlations between medecine nucleaire blood flow variations and clinical parameters in temporal lobe epilepsy: J Nucl Med ; nucleaiire 9: Relationship between insulin sensitivity, obesity, body fat distribution and b-endorphinemia in obese women.

View Medecine nucleaire Most Cited Articles. Enter your login details below. Semi-automatic segmentation of gated blood-pool emission tomographic images by watersheds. Q1 green comprises the quarter of the journals with the medecine nucleaire nucleqire, Q2 yellow the second highest values, Q3 orange the third highest values and Q4 red the lowest values.

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Basal plasma leptin levels in healthy elderly males are related to physical fitness without impact on bone medecine nucleaire. Researcher Academy Author Services Try out personalized alert features. Circulating leptin concentrations can be used as a surrogate marker of medecine nucleaire mass in acute spinal cord injury patients.

Username Password I forgot my password. Scand J Med Sci Sports. Electrocardiographically gated blood-pool spect and left ventricular function: Clin Nucl Med Role of sclerostin and dickkopf-1 in the dramatic alteration medecine nucleaire bone mass acquisition in adolescents and young women with recent anorexia nervosa. Order Journal Personal subscription Institutional subscription. Effects of physical activity on bone remodeling. The reorganization of motor network in hemidystonia from the perspective medecine nucleaire deep brain stimulation.

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Year SJR 0. Least squares dual characterization for ROI assessment in emission tomography. Area at risk assessed by I-meta-iodobenzylguanidine single-photon emission computed tomography: Medecine nucleaire Am Geriatr Soc. This free service medecine nucleaire available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in Scopus.

Effect of brine injection on water dynamics in postmortem muscle: