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MicroStrategy Desktop: Reporting Essentials. Front Cover. MicroStrategy Reporting Essentials for MicroStrategy Developer: Reporting Essentials for. Start studying Microstrategy Developer Reporting Essentials Chapter 1: Introduction to Microstrategy Business Intelligence. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Reporting Essentials for MicroStrategy Developer: Reporting Essentials for.

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In this course, you will learn about the functionality MicroStrategy provides for creating projects, developing reports, and designing documents, analyses and dynamic enterprise dashboards.

In addition, you will learn about administering and maintaining projects over time. Students then learn ways to create transaction-enabled dashboards and apps for MicroStrategy Web and Microstrategy reporting essentials Mobile. After an overview of the MicroStrategy engine architecture, students focus on the SQL generated by the MicroStrategy engine for common reporting requirements such as advanced metrics, essentisls qualification filters, and analytical engine features.

Finally, students get to explore the features and capabilities of Visual Insight, MicroStrategy’s newest document product. They then learn how to create reports, report filters, and prompts using Design Mode.

Portal Integration using SDK This two-day course is designed to provide an intensive overview of the MicroStrategy microstrategy reporting essentials.

Reporting Essentials This two-day course provides students with microstrategy reporting essentials overview of the extensive reporting capabilities of MicroStrategy Desktop. Advanced Analytics Reporting Through a combination of lecture and hands- on exercises, this course provides examples of the core capabilities of the MicroStrategy platform and how you can use it to deliver enterprise reporting and analysis to your users.

Students learn about the BI architecture, connectivity setup, administration interface, management of users and groups, essenrials definition of authentication methods for their projects. We were thrilled by the overwhelming response! Microstrategy reporting essentials can reveal trends or anomalies in data that ordinarily may be overlooked in a spreadsheet or report. On the last day, students learn about internationalization, the benefits of clustering, MicroStrategy Health Center, schedules and subscription management, and Distribution Services.

The microstrategy reporting essentials featured discussions on topics like getting value from big data, building interactive dashboards and visualizations and develop custom microztrategy app.

microstrateggy Data Mining and Predictive Analytics This one-day course discusses advanced microstrategy reporting essentials scenarios using the features of MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Architect. Students have the opportunity to practice executing and manipulating reports and documents, as well as formatting and creating reports in MicroStrategy Web.

Application Management This one-day course provides an overview of the tasks involved in managing the application lifecycle the MicroStrategy platform. Before proceeding with this tutorial, you should have a microstrategy reporting essentials understanding of Computer Programming terminologies and Data analysis.

These dashboards are a specific style of Report Services document. This two-day course provides an microstrategy reporting essentials of the features and functionality available in MicroStrategy Mobile for Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, and Android devices.

MicroStrategy Tutorial

Visual Insight Essentials 9. Also covered are popular VI capabilities such as filtering, drilling, microstrategy reporting essentials creating derived metrics, which micgostrategy users explore data and microstrategy reporting essentials exceptions. Students learn how to model complex attribute relationships and hierarchies, implement role attributes and versioning, design the schema for optimal performance, use logical views to resolve data modeling and schema design issues, and optimize query performance using both database and MicroStrategy functionality.

The course assumes that students are already familiar with MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Report Services functionality and related terminology. Year after year, Nice is setting an example by visualizing opportunities for innovation to provide value added services in data analytics and application development.

Looking forward to the next Symposium and awaiting microstrategy reporting essentials present something even more exciting! Familiarity with SQL will help in fast learning. It is recognized microstrategy reporting essentials a visionary by Gartner Magic Quadrant. This two-day course presents best practices in implementing MicroStrategy business intelligence to achieve high performance results.

Students first learn about the role of MicroStrategy Microstrategy reporting essentials in supporting various reportijg functions. Hands on workshops were held for demonstrating advance data discovery-data preparation, and blending, D3 visualization, and Predictive analytics with R.

The goal reportinf this course is to prepare BI professionals for the role of MicroStrategy administrators who understand the application lifecycle, follow the MicroStrategy methodology to migrate objects, and can learn how to maintain the environment on which they are working.

Reporting Essentials for MicroStrategy Developer

Participants will leave with an understanding of how to run live business intelligence reports while leveraging the formatting capabilities of MicroStrategy and Microsoft. The course concludes with report data options, drill maps, and other report microstrategy reporting essentials tools, such as Find and Replace and the Project Documentation Wizard.

First, students learn how to manage project data sources using primary and secondary database microstrategy reporting essentials as well as how to maintain project schema with the Architect graphical interface.

Throughout the course, students gain hands-on practice through a series of exercises. Students learn how to perform basic and microstrategy reporting essentials analysis on reports and documents using MicroStrategy Web. Hands-on exercises enable students to create freeform SQL reports against various data sources to reinforce the concepts covered in the course. Essentiaps for Enterprise Analytics The course is designed for all new MicroStrategy Web users or project leads who want to learn the basics, and are not microstrategh ready for the in-depth training delivered through other courses, such as MicroStrategy Web for Reporters and Analysts and MicroStrategy Web for Professionals.

Features such as highly formatted reports, ad hoc query, thresholds and alerts, and automated report distribution makes MicroStrategy an industry leader in BI software space.

The course microstrategy reporting essentials a four-part exercise that reinforces VI concepts in a practical, essentails way. Fructifying the innovation and expertise through microstrategy reporting essentials we have met the needs of our microstrategy reporting essentials clients, was also a part of the presentation.

Participants dssentials introduced to the concept of advanced analytics and data mining as well as their applications.