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Roger’s Profanisaurus is a humorous book published in the United Kingdom by Dennis publication from the popular British adult comic Viz and features one of the comic’s characters, the foul-mouthed Roger Mellie “the Man on the Telly”. The ultimate in schoolboy humor, this is the book for anyone who truly loves Viz humor! Roger Mellie presents a new edition of his classic dictionary of swearing. Roger’s Profanisaurus: “Word Of The Day”. likes · 7 talking about this. The Ultimate Enyclopaedia of Bad Language!.

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Any sexually transmitted disease, but usually gonorrhoea. See also Lake Wendouree. To masturbate; burp the worm; toss; bank with Barclays qv. Everyone must have seen it. An ombre pprofanisaurus wears a coco sombrero qv. Not to be confused with the skin boat qv.

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Popular hit by sixties guitar combo The Shadows. Climactic point of masturbation. Not to be confused with auntie or Mary. From the Latin catamite – a boy kept by a man for immoral purposes. Hershey highwayman qv who prays on said chickens.

Naturally occurring pyroflatulatory bum gas used to power Dutch ovens qv.

Female genitalia; hairy pie. Unlike a traditional dictionary or thesaurus the content is enlivened by often pungent or politically incorrect observations and asides intended to provide further comic effect.

Join Date Jul Location ignorance is bliss Roger’s Profanisaurus is a humorous book published in meolie United Kingdom by Dennis Publishing which is written in the style of a lexicon of profane words and expressions. Unlike its relative the brown trout, the appearance of this giant beast from the bumhole often causes panic among toilet-goers.

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All times are GMT. Small outbreak of chocolate thunder; a fart. It is a spin-off publication from the popular British adult comic Viz and features one of the comic’s characters, the foul-mouthed Roger Mellie “the Man on the Prfanisaurus.

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roger mellys Profanisaurus A to C

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There is nothing remotely uplifting, pleasant, politically correct or educational going on here. Also known as the donor.

A day, quite possibly in spring, the arrival of which is greeted with the dawn horn qv and throughout which the sap continues to rise. See also period drama.

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