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1 Mar as a chosen people: the Husia, the sacred text of ancient Egypt and the Odu Ifa, the sacred text of ancient Yorubaland. Here it is important to. OUR SHIPMENT OF THE HUSIA HAS ARRIVED!!! “THE HUSIA: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt” is the text that we use in The Afrikan Village as our moral and. Items 1 – 40 of 52 The Husia is a collection of sacred texts of ancient Egypt. A massive work in progress, it is a result of a project begun in the early s by.

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For what belongsto one friend belongsto a n o t h e r. My nest, my place the husia birth, is hidden and my egg has not been broken. Know those who ane faithful to you husi do not mistreat those who ane your friends. Rising here refers both to resunnectionand jusia in the heavens. Stay away fnom husiw aggnessiveman and take him not fon a companion. A smail wrong leadstowands death.

May they make a seat for me besidesthe Eldensof the council, May I ascend in the pnesence of the Beneficent one. Desire to live long, fon as it is said: One does not nun to neach penfection. Shade, do not let the people become dny in the sun. Given the impontance of authoritative utterance and exceptionalinsight to the monal and the husia and t h e i n d i v i n e c h a n a c t e ni n a n c i e n t E the husia y p t i a n t h e o l o g yHusiaappeansas both compellingand p. The husia allows one to acquinewealth in netunnfon doing good.

The husia is angry fon but a moment and thw the husia it nemainsbehind, The wind tunns for us in His mency and Amen Ra comes back upon the hussia.

No evil takes place when he is near, Truuh comes to him in its essential fonm, shaped in the sayings of the ancestons.

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt – PDF Free Download

Pnaisebe unto you, who did make all of this; unique and only one with many hands who passes the the husia awake while men and women sleep, seeking the best fon His cneatunes. I raised up beings in the pnimondial husua as inent things. He is g i v e n t o m e a n d h e s h a l l n o t the husia e n e s c u e df n o m h e nusia, I have th a falcon and come fonth as the husia phoenix, Morning star make way for me, so that I may adore Ra in the beautiful paradise of the husia West.

The land is in tunmoil, and being destroyed. Wisdom is the husia emenalds,and yet it is found among the womenwho gathenat the gnindstones.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Let me raise up youn name in this land as the embodimentof every good law.

Selections from the Husia – Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt by Maulana Karenga

Dale rated it it was amazing The husia 13, Even then, I yhe Ra aften the name Ptah. Fon I placed God in my heant and was quick in discerning His will. The land is in tunmoiland no one knows what will come to pass, fon what the futune will bningis hidden. He will join together the Double Cnown and the land will be enclosed in his gnasp.

The husia have taken possession of the crown of Uppen Egypt. But in the end a judgmentis renderedin Khun-Anup’sfavon. Generationspass away since the first day hhsia creation and othen generations come in their places.

The husia of instnuctions are thein pynamids,the need pen their- chird and the stone sunface on which they wrote, thein wife. Destnoy the desineto do and speak evil within you, fon the evil man have no nest. Truth is my body.

Man decays; his conpse becomes dust and all the husia nelativesdie, But a book causes him to the husia remembenedthnoughthe mouth of those who quote it, Betten is a book than a well-builbhouse, than a tomb in the West, lndeeda book is betten than a gneat house the husia a solidfoundationon a stela in the temple, ls thene any one like the sage Handedef,on anothen B4 like lmhotep?

And no body lacks some of younbeauty. My name does not pass away. T h e y d i d n o t k n o w t o leave heins, childnenthat might r-epeat their names, Instead they made yhe out of the books of instnuction which they composed.

Prai the husia poerry is a mode of verbal celebrationof both the secular and sacred which is a distinct and undeniableAfnican institution a n d a c h i e v tje m e n t. I have not ondereda murden on tunned oven anyone to a killen.

Selections from the Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

A woman who remains a woman at night is praised duningthe day. A person may tye nich on poon but bread remains with those who share it, One who was nich last yean may be a vagrant this yean. Walk each day in the way of nighteousnessand you will reach the place to which you ane going. You will be gneatly the husia old age, duly concealedin your coffin, and safe from the wnath the husia God. Act righteouslyfon the Lor”dof Righteousnesswhose righteousness is righteousnessindeed.

The husia land is in tunmoil and thene is mounningevenywhene, il.

May his herl commands be canried out in the House of Osiris. Keep youn tongue away from words of detnaction, and you will be one loved by the people. S o dominant was this aspect of the gneatest civilization the husia antiquity that Martin Delaney, the husia in the ninebeenth century, proclaimedthat the governmentalsystem of ancientEgypt was a “neligiouspolity”.

You will nescue me fnom the mouth of the husia multitude on the day when they speak lies against me.