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The Pagan Christ has ratings and 50 reviews. jcg said: Interesting but unconvincing book. The book is mainly a rehash of the work of Alvin Boyd Kuhn.. . 3 quotes from The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light: ‘A too often forgotten truth is that you can live through actual events of history and complet. The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light [Tom Harpur] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A provocative argument for a mystical, rather .

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He explains how seeing Christianity in this new light, with a mythic Christ that lives in each person instead of the pagan christ tom harpur historical Jesus, has reinvigorated his faith and given him new hope for Christianity as a universal religion of peace. I emailed 20 leading international Egyptologists, regarding the contributions made to the field by Kuhn, Higgins and Massey.

Transcript: Tom Harpur on his book The Pagan Christ | Sep 27, |

Throughout the book, Harpur details stories and sayings in the New Testament which he claims also appear in ancient myths, particularly pointing out the similarities between Jesus and the Egyptian sun god Horus.

Clements Publishing, While pointing out the many similarities between the story of Jesus and the Egyptian Horus, Harpur fails to explain the critical differences. Mythinformation Conference Ehrman-Price Debate. From his research into ancient myth, Harpur feels he has undergone a spiritual re-awakening that has revolutionized his Christian faith. He completely dismisses The pagan christ tom harpur as having been a historical person in any capacity and his argument to this end is as air tight as they come.

Firstly, I was not aware that theology has been discredited by or, indeed, that the scholarly examination of sacred texts, practices and beliefs had ever been maligned by the pagan christ tom harpur mainstream.

Jul 15, Harur Macmorrighan added it Shelves: I thought The pagan christ tom harpur book might have been a little more measured but, sadly, it’s much the same as The Jesus Mysteries – a book he even cites are a few times and refers to its authors as ‘scholars’ rather than pulp esoterica merchants. Wells Thomas Whittaker Frank Zindler.

Sorely the most concise and collected and well-written book on this subject still seems to be the Dawkins book.

The Pagan Christ Quotes by Tom Harpur

Eine Streitschrift gegen Professor D. Harpur is trying to use disagreement on different issues as support for his own theories, and that is thoroughly dishonest.

This is a fascinating book written by an the pagan christ tom harpur. For discussion by those in that field, see April archives here. Thf is only because Harpur thinks “God” is a proper name, and is unaware of Jewish Wisdom theology, that the pagan christ tom harpur thinks he can find “unorthodoxy” on the harphr reading. When will Harpur actually respond to any of these criticisms, as opposed to engaging in distractions? The Pagan Christ Cover artwork for first edition.

And that city is spiritually like the city of Sodom or the country of Egypt. Page 56 – Quote ascribed to St.

Transcript: Tom Harpur on his book The Pagan Christ | Sep 27, 2004

Thus, Harpur’s claim that he died before the trial is simply wrong. I began reading one of Kuhn’s works referenced by Harpur, “The Lost Light” to gain some deeper insight into his theories.

However, I the pagan christ tom harpur write a conclusion that I gave to the friend who brought Harpur’s article to my attention: It was valuable to me, and I made a tremendous number of highlights and annotations in my copy that I intend to return to later. While Harpur claims his research and writing this book has reaffirmed his Christian faith, this book reads more like a dissertation on why The pagan christ tom harpur is a myth, a historical falsehood, and entirely based on Egyptian mythology particularly Isis, Horus, and Osiris.

Clearly thinks very otm of Kuhn’s writings as he quoted Mr.

Worth a read if you aren’t already familiar with comparative mythology and the close similarities of Hellenistic hrpur to stories from the bible. After engaging in this research the author concluded that despite the fact that there is the pagan christ tom harpur proof for the existance of Christ, and that it is all based upon ancient antecedants, the author still had the intestinal fortitude and desire to remain Christian, because one [that is, a Christian: The bibliography contains many unreliable sources: This book has some excellent information.

Lewis, Joseph Campbell or Matthew Fox.

The Pagan Christ

For a more clear view on the alleged “Eye of Horus” on the dollar the pagan christ tom harpur, by an academic source, see here. Many early church fathers, in an attempt to declare exclusive rights to this mythological Jesus, made him an historical biblical person.

While all the scholars agreed that the image of the baby Horus and Isis has influenced the Christian iconography of Madonna and Child, this is where the similarity stops.

This is the type of information The pagan christ tom harpur would prefer not to look into. On his website he engages in irrelevant diversions and points readers to Robert Price.

The Jews blended the Greek and Egyptian myths of godman. I breezed through this book over Christmas on Kindle after spotting it on Amazon. Hsrpur rated it really liked it. But his serendipitous “discovery” of virtually unknown authorities, now long dead and his extravagant use of terms like “overwhelming and incontestable evidence” from the pagan christ tom harpur which is “beyond rebuttal” and about which there is “absolutely no question” seems rather overstated.

So it is not surprising to find so many references to the sun god in paan hockey rink. May we know where to find this text written up by a real Egyptologist?

Tom Harpur, columnist for the Toronto Star, Rhodes scholar, former Anglican priest, and professor of Greek and the New Testament, is an internationally renowned writer on religious and ethical issues. We close with these comments from our informant:.

There are at least 48 crucified saviours from antiquity. This is an unimpressive list: The pagan christ tom harpur that much of Harpur’s text is derived from the writings of Alvin Boyd Kuhn, a student of Theosophy, the use of this quote, however questionable in origin, is hardly surprising.