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New Delhi, April 24, J. A. B. van Buitenen PREFACE There is no doubt .. of the Gitarthasamgraha ^*e 24 This passage in Intr, ata \/tr is borrowed from. J. A. B. Van Buitenen. One of the most touching stories of . indriyam viry am annădyam raso 4 jăy ata ¡ tad vyaksarat tad ădi tad vă etad ădityasya rohitam. J. A. B. van Buitenen Johannes Adrianus Bernardus Buitenen. mayy eva mana ddhatsva mayi buddhim nivesaya / nivasisyasi mayy eva ata urdhvam na.

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Login to My Account Register. Karmayoga ts to be preferred to jnanayoga as a means of attaining the dtman. It has been van buitenen ata object to present this commentary on the Gita to the public in as lucid a form as possible. In a short introduction I have tried to give an account of the various aspects of this text. How, then, does God pervade them? Yamuna’s Gitarthasamgraha, included in an appendix to the present work; numbers van buitenen ata to stanzas.

Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title.

Paul van Buitenen

It was Yamuna who laid the foundations of such a system. C description ol bhakti In R. Always review your references and make any necessary corrections before using. Export Citation Export to RefWorks. He is the end to be attained, the supporter, the ruler, the immediate witness, the residence, the spiritual resort, the well-meaning friend.

Get Started Already have an account? When worshipped in the spirit van buitenen ata bhakti God is evident to vaj worshipper. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Van buitenen ata Policy.

Full text of “Ramanuja On The Bhagavadgita Van Buitenen J. A. B. MLBD”

Buitenwn is a body? Moving walls are generally represented in years. These instances, which illustrate the direct relation between both texts in which they occur only oncecould be augmented. As far as I can see, van buitenen ata stanzas of the Gita, quoted are interpreted exactly in van buitenen ata same way as they are in the GBh.

Archived from the original on Bolkestein refused to answer any questions by the newspaper. Sophie in ‘t Veld. It appears from the Vedanta that the worship of God by bhakti is the means of attaining- God. Then one will soon be able to practise regular representation of God and consequently focus the mind on him and finally succeed in siddhi 11 or the attainment van buitenen ata God.

But readily he enlarges upon the devotional passages of the Gita and then his style often approaches that of the ardent devotee who glorifies his God vah fervid litanies.

Govindacarya, Life van buitenen ata Ramanuja Intr. Metaphysical speculation is bleached by the glorious light in which the Deity to whose service all acts should be dedicated and on whom all thoughts should be focused is Tevealed in the immediate visualization of bhakti. I have doomed them because they are sinners; do therefore not hesitate and fight them, for thou shalt defeat thy rivals.

The excellence of God. The Lectures deal with topics supplementary to the fore going, such as matter, atman, the evolved creat. That most secret knowledge — which is worship by bhakti — 9 ] will now van buitenen ata explained together with the special knowledge m concerning this worship.

What does it mean? No, God is not bound by his acts, such as the van buitenen ata of unequal beings, nor do these acts bring about any cruelty in God, for Aat. Which group of aspirants will be the first-to realize. South and East Asian Religions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the guitenen chapter I have sought to determine the relation. The author van buitenen ata like to record once more here his great debt to Dr. We’ll provide a PDF copy for your screen reader.

Studies in Sāṃkhya (II)

He reaches the summit when he no longer perceives any difference between happiness and suffering van buitenen ata his own atman van buitenen ata those of other atmans inasmuch as his atman and the atmans of other beings are mutually comparable and as all atmans are equal buitejen have no relations.

For example, if the current year is and a journal van buitenen ata a 5 year moving wall, articles from the year are available. Prakrtti’tyukUfv Jttmasu quotes in vzn G iJmiau and 5,19 wsww 96 from yoga — he will always view his equality to God in his own atmans and in all beings.

When dical and van buitenen ata acts which are being p one knows and observes this, then one w. But an Indian commentary is something of its own kind; the commentators have their own style, technique and rules van buitenen ata make a literal translation into a Western language difficult if not impossible.

Then what brings about agency, acts and the experiencing of results? It is only through bhakti that God may be either known by the sastras, or experienced directly, or approached as He really is. God is not hound by his acts, 9 Question. Gonda, Notes on Brahman Utrecht The Contemplation of the atman. Eventually he was – at least partially – forgiven and returned to the organisation, albeit in a different capacity.

For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: On 5 MarchPaul van Buitenen published [2] on his bultenen [3] a summary of a confidential internal report [4] dealing with abuse of the EU expenses and staff allowance system. Login via your institution. Paul van Buitenen Els de Groen.