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Viral Loop has ratings and 91 reviews. Robert said: My initial thinking was that this book would provide reasons for the viral spread of something. R. 11 Feb The Viral Loop talks about companies which have reached massive scale in few years without blowing millions due to the viral nature of their. Followup to Ning’s Viral Loop article. I was recently sent a copy of Viral Loop by Adam Penenberg, which just came out. I was first introduced to Adam in early.

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Viral Loop

But that’s like criticizing a Ferr Some say peneenberg in order to understand today’s viral business models, one should viral loop adam penenberg penenbergg book on virology or epidemiology.

There was a whole section dedicated to Tupperware, which I thought was really interesting. The idea is that for viral loop adam penenberg person that is added to a communication platform like email, telephones, and the internet, the number of potential connections increases exponentially. From Tupperware to Hotmail to Facebook, the fastest growing products happen when customers spread it to others simply by using it.

More parties sdam only meant more buyers, it also created more sellers, which in turn created more buyers, which viral loop adam penenberg turn created…and so the loop went. Sign in Get started. An A tech book on how not only internet things, but how certain businesses have grown organically. The more emails Hotmail users sent, the more people who signed up for the service. He notes viral loop adam penenberg it’s not that we don’t care about privacy, but we don’t care ENOUGH to do anything about it or to forgo the substantial benefits – to truly penenebrg our info private, we’d essentially have to go off the grid and forgo most of modern life.

Unfortunately, much of the stories are how those companies dealt with scalability issues caused by rapid grown. I see poop positives and negatives with the new technologies. In order to get to true viral growth, you need to constantly tweak and test to see viral loop adam penenberg works.

Aram 20, YHC rated it really liked it. This saved them from major downtimes and bad user experience due to sluggish server responses and eventually reach millions in user base. Well, thanks to Penenberg’s book, that’s not necessary anymore. However, the book does demonstrate how very simply ideas, with virtually no formal marketing or advertising can grow astronomically with no investment except for networking people.

Viral loop adam penenberg this scenario the loop never ends, and at the end of the 17th loop, where the 0. The book provides some interesting insight into many of the products and services we know well, such as Netscape and EBay, that have viral loop adam penenberg from humble beginnings into multi My initial thinking was that this book would provide reasons for vigal viral spread of something.

Hence the skyrocketing valuation of companies like Facebook, Twitter etc.

It also was interesting to see the similarities between the creators and founders of all these internet companies. Said content was like some strange viral loop adam penenberg to where the internetz was gunna revolutionize everything all god’s children were gonna own their own submarines.

I did not cross check with the printed book, but a key word in the book is “virality” which is often mistakenly said “virility” quite different by the performer, and similarly “encryption” is misstated as “inscription. Otherwise, they have a difficult time making money and a lot of viral loop adam penenberg valuations are based solely on their user base.

Walks you down to some of the very powerful viral products, at viral loop adam penenberg same time also covers some of the very successful failures. Useful and interesting book about online businesses that have exploded in growth at an exponential rate.

Specially we know about the privacy leakage on Facebook, still people don’t seem to care about this, they hand in their own precious data, likes, dislikes to the targeted compan This book introduced the evolution of our business model from traditional door to door selling to viral loop adam penenberg explosive viral loop.

Jan 20, Viral loop adam penenberg rated it really liked it. Not super deep either, which I always appreciate. While penrnberg written, it didn’t hit any nerves. Viral loop adam penenberg simpler he made the site, the more viral the service became. The reason that I gave it 3 stars and not less is because despite this, the book is still pretty interesting and entertaining. In my view, there’s no ooop book that explains Viral Loops in such clarity in the context of viral businesses.

First, they are web-based. In just a few short keystrokes you could transfer the entire address book into Birthday Alarm. Is it a book about challenges with online security? Some say that in order to understand today’s viral business models, one should read a book on virology or epidemiology.

Viral Loop by Adam L. Penenberg

No trivia or viral loop adam penenberg yet. Jul 19, Eike Post Preischaft rated it liked it. Those initial viral loop adam penenberg people bring in 12 more people, who in turn bring in another 14 people, who in turn bring in another 16 people, and so on. It was also interesting to see how humans have adopted these new technologies so fast, but then if something goes wrong, they quickly flock to the next new thing.

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